wild maverick

A game that gives a lot of satisfaction in playing. The exciting games that are always presented by novomatic are very diverse and one of them is the wild maverick game. A game that shows beautiful and beautiful scenery. There are many mountains and stables to be the theme of the wild maverick game.

A cowboy who likes freedom can go where he wants. The sky is so clear that the wanderer’s soul is even more passionate. Exciting wild maverick game with an interesting cowboy story. I want to feel free life to see many worlds. When you want to start playing the wild maverick game, you will be hypnotized by the sight and handsome men are ready to accompany you on horseback.

Lucky game

The rotation that the wild maverick has is 5 rolls so you will have many chances to win. Syamsudinnoorairport – If you are still curious, you can directly play it without having to download it. Games that can only be played through the website. Playing does not need to use a large device because novomatic has made the wild maverick game able to be enjoyed on mobile phones.

Every game you must always pray to win because the wild maverick slot game is a type of game that relies on luck. If your luck is good then you can win a lot in the wild maverick game. The type of victory that gamers will get can be as much as 10 wins.

strong horse//cowboy

Available symbols

Each symbol represents a high value and win you can see in the game info. There will be many reviews about symbols such as value, number of symbols and ways to win the game. On the screen you will find a man in a cowboy hat, a horse, a rocky mountain, the words wild, cowboy boots, a horse saddle, card numbers A to 10 and many more symbols that you can see.

The word Wild will be a symbol that is ready to replace all signs except the scatter. While the scatter is present at the stone mountain sign. Getting 3 of the same scatter will give gamers a multiplier value as well as a stack of wilds. By getting the same scatter you have activated an exciting game.

Thrilling makes the heart not strong

Exciting games in the form of wilds appearing on the reels will give you unexpected values. Gamers can also get big wins, not only wild, but also cowboys will give high numbers. Getting more amounts makes gamers win a lot. It’s not fun playing games with cowboys.

The thrilling feeling makes us impatient to try playing the wild maverick game. Starting the game, gamers must prepare the bet value first because wild maverick is a type of game that uses real money bets, so you have to prepare the bet value you want. There are mint and plus buttons that you can use to set the bet value.

Autoplay button

In the wild maverick game also provides auto play. A system that makes it easier for you to play the game. Gamers only need to prepare a bet and then select the game mode, press the button. Using autoplay will make the screen in the game rotate automatically so gamers only need to observe and wait for victory.

With autoplay gamers only need to observe the game and wait for the value that gamers will get. The type of victory that is played in a left to right direction will make it easier for you without being complicated. When else to play exciting games with high winning values. The game that makes us real cowboys.