For those of you who have played adventure, or searched for treasure in Egypt, of course, you are familiar with the title of the game book of ra mystic fortune. Yes, book of ra mystic fortune is a game taken from one of the popular games, namely book of ra, a game that was developed and eventually became a game that many players liked.

Book of ra mystic fortune itself is slightly different from other boo for ra games. This looks different from the jackpot value and also the treasure collecting mode. For gamers, book of ra mystic fortune is an exciting and unique game. The uniqueness of the symbol shape and the value of the jackpot that will be obtained.

One symbol for 2 functions

Syamsudinnoorairport – Being able to win easily is certainly not an obstacle, the most important thing is that you have to have 4 local progressive jackpots that can give you a winning value of hundreds of millions of rupiah. Book of Ra mystic fortune itself has 5 reels and 10 ways to win the game. For those who have played the book of ra series games, it is no longer surprising for the game symbols.

The game symbols in the book of ra mystic fortune have almost the same type, namely wild and scatter. One symbol that includes multiple payout values ​​can be said to have a double value. Getting 3 of the same scatter will get 10 free spins. What distinguishes the book of ra mystic game from other book of ra games is the result of the bet value that is obtained.

Get game wins and bonuses //Nystic

Game symbols

– Wild and scatter: the two functions that have the same 1 symbol in the form of a book. Both of these fungi will replace other signs and give victory in the game book of race mystic fortune.

– free spins: to get free spins you must present 3 books anywhere in the game play. The same sign will get 10 free spins. After getting a free spin, there will be 1 sign that is taken at random and will widen in every game rotation, as well as giving a winning value. Scatter is only present in rounds 1, 4, and 5.

Additional symbols and game jackpots

There are also several symbols that you can find in the game book of ra mystic fortune such as: statues of pharaohs, winged pharaoh goddesses, beetles, Indiana Jones, and remy card symbols [As to 10 }. playing the book of ra mytic fortune game can also trigger the jackpot value. When you get the jackpot you will be advised to play it.

Jackpot in the form of a mini game where you will get 12 gold coins and you have to choose the coins. Find the same 3 signs after that you will get one of the 4 jackpots listed in the game book of ra mystic. The 4 jackpots are: mini, minor, major, and grand.

In each jackpot will provide a target value that can be obtained by the player. The jackpot value is different so that players who get the jackpot will be directed by the game. The value of the win that makes it easy in the jackpot game. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and get a prize of hundreds of millions of rupiah.